Criminal Case Walkthrough: Hints and Tips

Criminal Case Suspects

In Criminal Case, you get to be the detective at the crime scene finding items to solve the case. If you enjoy spotting items and training your mental sharpness, this game will become your favorite.

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If you need help with the different cases, you can find them here!

Criminal Case – Case Walk through Guide

  1. The Death of Rosa Wolf
  2. Corpse in the Garden
  3. The Grim Butcher
  4. The Dockyard Killer
  5. A Russian Case
  6. Good Cop Dead Cop
  7. Death by Crucifixion
  8. Beautiful No More
  9. Burned to the Bone
  10. Under the Knife
  11. Into the Viper’s Nest
  12. Blood on the Trading Floor
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