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Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide

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Here is a brief guide on how to breed the different types of mutants in the game. If you see any mistakes, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Mutants with Cyber as their primary gene is strong vs Gene-Saber and Gene-Zoomorph, but weak against Gene-Necro and Gene-Galactic.

Cyber Type Gene Combination
Robot Normal  Gene-Cyber Elite Versions: Robot + Android
Android Normal  Gene-CyberGene-Cyber Robot + Robot
Goliath Rare  Gene-CyberGene-Cyber 2000 Gold or Invite 10 Friends + Get them to Level 5
Stealth Bot Rare  Gene-CyberGene-Saber Android + Nordic Knightmare
C. Wrenchfury Rare  Gene-CyberGene-Saber Specific Parents: Terrordoll + Bushi
Deadbot Normal  Gene-CyberGene-Necro Robot + Zombie
Darkseer Rare  Gene-CyberGene-Necro Specific Parents: Bushi + Captain Wrenchfury
Xenarach PvP  Gene-CyberGene-Necro Elite Versions: Xenarach + Android
Beetle Bot Normal  Gene-CyberGene-Zoomorph Robot + Beast
Monocerus Legendary  Gene-CyberGene-Zoomorph Elite Versions: Monocerus + Android
Colossus Normal  Gene-CyberGene-Galactic Robot + Alien
Libraro Zodiac  Gene-CyberGene-Galactic Not available
Deus Machina Rare  Gene-CyberGene-Mythic Android + Pit Lord
Virgon Zodiac  Gene-CyberGene-Mythic Not available

Mutants with Necro as their primary gene is strong vs Gene-Cyber and Gene-Galactic, but weak against Gene-Saber and Gene-Mythic.

Necro Type Gene Combination
Zombie Normal  Gene-Necro Elite Versions: Zombie + Leech Lord
Jack o Lantern Special  Gene-Necro Halloween Only and no elite versions
Leech Lord Normal  Gene-NecroGene-Necro Zombie + Zombie
Crypt Wraith PvP  Gene-NecroGene-Necro Elite Versions: Crypt Wraith + Leech Lord
Dire Despot Normal  Gene-NecroGene-Saber Zombie + Warrior
C. Bag 'o' Bones Rare  Gene-NecroGene-Saber Specific Parents: Nordic Knightmare + Undead Dragon
Zomborg Rare  Gene-NecroGene-Cyber Leech Lord + Android
Terrordoll Rare  Gene-NecroGene-Cyber Specific Parents: Undead Dragon + Reptoid
Undead Dragon Rare  Gene-NecroGene-Zoomorph Leech Lord + Kaiju Kitty
Cancernia Zodiac  Gene-NecroGene-Zoomorph Unavailable and no elite versions
Ghostmonaut Normal  Gene-NecroGene-Galactic Zombie + Alien
Baron Lundi Normal  Gene-NecroGene-Mythic Zombie + Demon
Lichlock PvP  Gene-NecroGene-Mythic Elite Versions: Lichlock + Leech Lord

Mutants with Saber as their primary gene is strong vs Gene-Necro and Gene-Mythic, but weak against Gene-Cyber and Gene-Zoomorph.

Saber Type Gene Combination
Warrior Normal  Gene-Saber Elite Versions: Warrior + Nordic Knightmare
Nordic Knightmare Normal  Gene-SaberGene-Saber Warrior+ Warrior
Buck Maurice Normal  Gene-SaberGene-Saber Elite Versions: Buck Maurice + Nordic Knightmare
Blade Banshee Rare  Gene-SaberGene-Necro Nordic Knightmare + Leech Lord
Bushi Rare  Gene-SaberGene-Necro Specific Parents: Stealth Bot + Zomborg
Enforcer Normal  Gene-SaberGene-Cyber Warrior + Robot
Interceptrix Rare  Gene-SaberGene-Cyber Specific: Captain Bag 'o' Bones + Terrordoll
General Chaos PvP  Gene-SaberGene-Cyber General Chaos + Nordic Knightmare
Honey Bunny Normal  Gene-SaberGene-Zoomorph Warrior + Beast
Sagittarius Zodiac  Gene-SaberGene-Zoomorph No Elites available
Haggis PvP  Gene-SaberGene-Zoomorph Haggis + Honey Bunny
Martian Maurader Rare  Gene-SaberGene-Galactic Nordic Knightmare + Astro Surfer
Galactic Guardian Legendary  Gene-SaberGene-Galactic Elite: Galactic Guardian + Bounty Bug
Valkyrie Normal  Gene-SaberGene-Mythic Warrior + Demon
Thor Legendary  Gene-SaberGene-Mythic Elite Versions: Thor + Warrior or Demon

Mutants with Zoomorph as their main gene is strong vs Gene-Mythic and Gene-Saber, but weak against Gene-Galactic and Gene-Cyber.

Zoomorph Type Gene Combination
Beast Normal  Gene-Zoomorph Elite Versions: Beast + Beast
Kaiju Kitty Normal  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Zoomorph Beast + Beast
Master Splitter PvP  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Zoomorph Elite Versions: Master Splitter + Kaiju Kitty
Rakshasa Rare  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Saber Kaiju Kitty + Nordic Knightmare
Leohart Zodiac  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Saber Not available and no elite versions
Cerberus Normal  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Necro Beast + Zombie
Zombat PvP  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Necro Elite Versions: Zombat + Zombie
Cobrakai Legendary  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Necro Elite Versions: Cobrakai + Leech Lord
Reptoid Rare  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Cyber Kaiju Kitty + Android
Arachno PvP  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Cyber Elite Versions: Arachno + Android
Parasite Queen Normal  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Galactic Beast + Alien
Cosmo Kong Legendary  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Galactic Elite Versions: Cosmo Kong + Kaiju Kitty
Dracus Nobilis Rare  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Mythic Kaiju Kitty + Pit Lord
Satyr Shaman PvP  Gene-ZoomorphGene-Mythic Elite Versions: Satyr Shaman + Kaiju Kitty

Mutants with Galactic as their primary gene is strong vs Gene-Zoomorph and Gene-Cyber, but weak against Gene-Mythic and Gene-Necro.

Galactic Type Gene Combination
Alien Normal  Gene-Galactic Elite Versions: Alien + Alien
Astro Surfer Normal  Gene-GalacticGene-Galactic Alien + Alien
Super Novus PvP  Gene-GalacticGene-Galactic Elite Versions: Super Novus + Astro Surfer
Master Oida Legendary  Gene-GalacticGene-Galactic Elite Versions: Master Oida + Astro Surfer
Bounty Bug Normal  Gene-GalacticGene-Saber Warrior + Alien
Behemoth PvP  Gene-GalacticGene-Saber Elite Versions: Behemoth + Bounty Bug
Tutti Gooey Rare  Gene-GalacticGene-Necro Astro Surfer + Leech Lord
Sirenia PvP  Gene-GalacticGene-Necro Elite Versions: Sirenia + Leech Lord
The Devourer Rare  Gene-GalacticGene-Necro Specific: Planet Cleaner + Zomborg
Planet Cleaner Rare  Gene-GalacticGene-Cyber Astro Surfer + Android
Sentry Legendary  Gene-GalacticGene-Cyber Elite Versions: Sentry + Android
Exo Fish Zodiac  Gene-GalacticGene-Cyber No Elites
Xenos Rare  Gene-GalacticGene-Zoomorph Astro Surfer + Kaiju Kitty
Shell Shock PvP  Gene-GalacticGene-Zoomorph Elite Versions: Shell Shock + Parasite Queen
Nebulon Normal  Gene-GalacticGene-Mythic Alien + Demon

Mutants with Mythic as their primary gene is strong vs Gene-Galactic and Gene-Necro, but weak against Gene-Zoomorph and Gene-Saber.

Mythic Type Gene Combination
Demon Normal  Gene-Mythic Elite Versions: Demon + Demon
Snowmage Special  Gene-Mythic No elite and unbreedable
Pit Lord Normal  Gene-MythicGene-Mythic Demon + Demon
Gandolphus Rare  Gene-MythicGene-Saber Demon + Nordic Knightmare
Captain Peace Legendary  Gene-MythicGene-Saber Not available and no elite versions
Grim Reapress Rare  Gene-MythicGene-Necro Demon + Leech Lord
Prince Scorpion Zodiac  Gene-MythicGene-Necro  Not available and no elite versions
Anubis Legendary  Gene-MythicGene-Necro Elite: Anubis + Baron Lundi
Techno Taoist Normal  Gene-MythicGene-Cyber Demon + Robot
Mekali PvP  Gene-MythicGene-Cyber Elite Versions: Mekali + Android
Medusa Normal  Gene-MythicGene-Zoomorph Demon + Beast
The Mighty Horus Rare  Gene-MythicGene-Zoomorph Specific: Pit Lord + Dracus Nobilis
C'thlig Rare  Gene-MythicGene-Galactic Demon + Astro Surfer
Azuria PvP  Gene-MythicGene-Galactic Elite Versions: Azuria + Astro Surfer

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